Our Values

All our products have been thoughtfully and carefully sourced and selected from brands that do good.  We follow and refer to a list of Values whenever we are sourcing new items for our assortment and we thoroughly research and personally approve each item before listing it on the site.

To make it easier for you to identify all the goodness that these products and brands possess, we've created visual icons and added them to every product page so you can quickly and easily identify each sustainability Value that applies. 

Recycled / Upcycled
Made with Recycled or Upcycled materials that have been reconditioned and regenerated for a new use. This process reduces waste, saves energy and prevents pollution.

Charitable Contribution
This brand gives back!  With every purchase this brand donates a portion of proceeds back to a charitable organization or cause.

Made with fibers/ingredients that were grown without the use of harmful, toxic chemicals.  This process reduces damage to the soil, has less negative impact on the air, and uses much less water and energy.

Made from ingredients/materials derived straight from nature.  These products are much safer for you and the environment. 

Fair Trade
Made under internationally-agreed upon standards for trading conditions and partnerships based on sustainability, transperancy, equality and respect.

Ethical Practices
Made by a company that embraces and stands for fairness, equality, honesty, transparency and respect.  

Cruelty Free
Made without testing on or harming animals in any way.  You're not only protecting our fine furry friends but you're also ditching the bad chemicals like parabens, sulfates, and synthetic dyes. 

Eco-Friendly Production
Made by a company that focuses on environmentally friendly manufacturing practises: reduced carbon footprint, reduced waste, water conservation, renewable energy, fair labor and working conditions.

Artisan Handmade
Made with love and care by an independent maker or skilled artisan typically on a small-scale.  Supporting these artisans helps to grow the local economy plus you’re getting a product that is truly one of a kind.

Plastic Free
Made completely free of environmental harming, chemically made plastics (even in the packaging) that can take thousands of years to decompose.

Materials used can be decomposed in nature without harm to the environment.  This contributes greatly to waste reduction and energy savings. 

Small Batch
Made in small-scale production runs with limited quantities putting more emphasis on quality while significantly reducing waste and carbon emissions.

Vegan Friendly
Made without the use of any animal products or animal-derived ingredients.  Also, typically made with fewer ingredients which make these products better for you, the animals and the environment.

Woman Owned
This brand is completely owned and operated by a group of bad ass, boss females.