Bathorium Brand Story

The Bathorium mission is to create premium bath products that invigorate and restore one's body, mind and soul. Tapping deep within to pure tranquillity, while toxins and negativity flow out from the body leaving one with a clear mind, a relaxed body and a full soul.

Bathorium vows to provide a consistent exceptional bath experience each and every time. They will never sacrifice product quality or integrity for price and will continue to source for ethically produced ingredients.

Bathorium thrives on the unknown and constantly push boundaries. They change the perception that people have on baths, push for change on ethical sourcing of raw ingredients and continuously change the landscape of quality bath products.

Bathorium has proudly donated over $15,000 to Main Street Community Services in Ottawa, Canada. A not for profit organization that is dedicated to helping kids and grown adults with disabilities. A foundation that is very close to founder Greg Macdonald's heart.