Summer Must Haves: The Lowdown

If you're like me, then Summer is your most favorite season.  I live for the sunny days, hot temperatures and time spent outdoors. Though there are tons of great items for Summer here at Pōedik, I wanted to narrow it down to a short list of some of my faves, what I consider to be 'must haves'.  To take it one step further, I thought I'd put together my review for each of the items to better explain the 'why' behind my choices.
Here it goes:

#1. The Playa Shirt Dress:

This 100% linen shirt/cover-up/dress is so versatile!  When I first received mine, I was a little skeptical because it felt a little stiff and it's definitely over-sized so I was worried it might be too baggy and unflattering but I was so wrong! 

First off, with wear and washing, the fabric naturally softens and becomes more flowy, plus without steaming, linen will have a bit of a wrinkled texture which I personally love.  If you do find that it's a bit too large, it does shrink up a bit in the wash and if you need to shrink it up even more you CAN put it in the dryer.  I usually like to hang mine to dry though then pop it in the dryer on low temperature just to soften it a bit.  

I wear mine as an open or tied up cover-up over my swimwear or shorts. I've also worn it as a shirt dress however you will need something underneath it as it is quite sheer.  I use a fitted, nude colour slip dress so it doesn't show through the sheer fabric but covers up my undergarments.  Throw on a belt if you want a little more of a cinched look.  It also looks super cute as an over-sized shirt worn with a pair of faded, distressed jeans on those cooler days.

With so many ways to wear this item, you will definitely get a lot of use out of it which is why I consider it a Summer must. 

#2. The Eco-Net Tote Bag

The Eco-Net Tote is a great quality, all-purpose bag. Perfect for hauling your essentials to the beach, pool or park but also great for using as a shopping bag or everyday tote.  Because the mesh is a tighter weave than the classic string bags, you don't need to worry about small items falling through plus it provides a little more privacy in case you do want to carry items like your wallet or anything valuable. The tote is quite roomy already but the mesh is also slightly expandable so you can definitely pack a lot in there.  The natural colour is easy to wear and if you're worried about it showing the dirt easily, just throw it in the washing machine and hang to dry.

#3.  SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion  

Being a beach obsessed, outdoor lover I have tried A LOT of different sunscreens throughout the years. I used to always go for mass brands because they were less expensive and usually had a tropical scent that reminded me of vacation. I didn't really pay attention to all the harmful ingredients in there for both my skin and the oceans.  Then I discovered the Salt & Stone brand and honestly will never go back.  It's all natural and filled with ingredients your skin will love plus it's reef safe which means you won't be harming the delicate balance of the marine eco-systems in the ocean. 

I have fair skin and burn pretty easily so the SPF 50 was a must for me, especially in the early days of Summer when my skin hasn't seen the sun in months.  I'll use it on both my face and body to start and then switch to using it just on my face once my skin has built up a bit of a base.  When you first apply the SPF 50 it does go on a little thick and white however once it absorbs into your skin the whiteness of the lotion is barely visible, if at all.  Being water resistant as well, you don't have to worry about water or sweat taking away from the protective properties.  Just make sure to reapply every couple of hours or so, same as any other sunscreen.

#4.  Bloom Raffia Hat

I have to be honest, I'm not much of a hat person. I always try to love them, I always try to be comfortable wearing them in public and I always admire others for looking adorable in their hats but every hat I've always bought has spent most of its life on the top shelf of my closet.  So, for me to feature a hat as a must have for Summer MUST mean it's a good one, and let me tell you, it is!

This hat is so comfy and cute, the perfect amount of floppy without taking over your face. The brim isn't overly wide but wide enough to provide a good amount of shade, and can we talk about the adorable bow? I mean, come on, so cute!  Also, since the hat is soft and pliable you can easily pack it without ruining the shape.  This hat is classic and timeless, boho meets modern, beach vacation meets backyard gardening.  Another Summer must. 

#5. Body Oil

Who doesn't want hydrated, glowy skin that smells amazing? This body oil is the perfect remedy for parched, sun-kissed skin.  I apply it as soon as I get out of the shower so my skin can soak up all of the natural, hydrating goodness.  I personally prefer a body oil to a moisturizer, not just for the super hydrating properties but because of the dewy glow it gives my skin.  However, if you are a lotion girl you can always add a few drops of the oil to your lotion to give it a hydrating boost or just apply a few drops to areas like your collar bone, shoulders and decolletage just to get that sexy dewiness for those hot Summer nights in your favorite sun dress.

#6. Cape Cod Beach Towel

If you can't already tell from the assortment I curated, I love a good neutral!  The main reason I love this towel though is the fabric and texture. It's lightweight and soft, which is perfect for throwing in your tote or beach bag and chilling on for hours, whether it's at the beach, the park or your very own backyard. The size is larger than a classic beach towel and the blend of Turkish cotton and Bamboo makes it virtually sand resistant and easy to clean.

I hope you enjoy my Summer picks and have a wonderful, safe and healthy Summer season!  If you found this post helpful and would like to see more like it, leave a comment below.  I'd love to hear from you! 


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