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Written by Tasha Medve from The Purposeful You
Our “everyday” has changed in the last year and a half. Many of us have been asking more questions and taking a good hard look at our lives. What do we want to do with our spare time? What lifestyles do we want to create? How do we want our homes to feel?
At the end of the day, we have all found more clarity on what means the most to us. These collective changes have led some businesses to pivot. We want to share how one company, Pōedik, stayed true to their values and started focusing on how to encourage others to approach each day with intention.
Allowing ourselves to slow down and shop with purpose is something we care about deeply. We’ve had some help from Pōedik, a curated online shop that offers essentials for our day-to-day lives that are sustainable as well as beautiful. As we spend more time in our home, we want to look around and love everything that we see. This does not mean more stuff — it means consciously choosing simple, quality goods to bring into our space when there’s a need. For us, Pōedik offers a one-stop shop to fulfill these needs for ourselves and as gifts for others. I added a few items from the shop in my office refresh recently, which you can read more about here.

Products: Washed Linen Cushion Covers in Natural & Thin Black Stripe

Making the most of our morning coffee

Pōedik is not just another “eco store” — each item can enhance your lifestyle whether that’s through self care, fostering curiosity or taking it slow - one cup of coffee at a time. One product we want to highlight is our Slow Coffee Carafe Set that we love to enjoy at our cabin. It’s perfect for cozying up inside or outside this winter (or year-round) - slow Sundays at home, watching your coffee brew and listening to the sounds in the room can bring calmness and aid in a mindful start to your day. It’s also a wonderful gift for the homebody or adventurer in your life as it’s compact and easy to use with a reusable, stainless steel filter. No waste!

Inspiring slow living 

Like many companies, Pōedik pivoted in 2020, previously selling dreamy travel and beach products. Stacey, owner of Pōedik, realized she needed a brand refresh and decided to sell items that celebrate the beauty in each and every day. The brand’s focus is now on unique, niche products you won’t find in mass retailers that help you savor every moment and connect with others. Pōedik’s magic is in how they curate their collections and communicate their vision. Besides sustainability, their products are selected with an elevated aesthetic in mind that feels special without abandoning function and intention.
It makes us smile when we see companies who truly find their purpose and passion. Thanks to Pōedik, it’s possible to elevate our everyday and make little moments beautiful! You can find their expertly chosen products on their website here.
The Purposeful You readers receive 15% off their entire store using the discount code PURPOSEFUL15 at checkout.


By: Tasha Medve

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