Apothecary Must-Haves: What it means and Why it's so important

Perhaps you’ve come across the term ‘Apothecary’ and thought to yourself, “what does this word mean exactly?”

When you google the word Apothecary, a handful of different explanations pop up. The reason for this is because the word goes as far back as Shakespearean times, and derives from ancient Greek language. Pretty cool right?

Apothecary refers to an establishment or individual that distributes natural medicines and ingredients. Historically, you can think of Apothecary as the OG pharmacy, practicing the curation and exchange of herbal remedies and natural at-home care.

From a modern-day perspective, Apothecary is the act of taking care of yourself through natural, high-quality products that you can trust, and if we are talking about who the Apothecary is in this case, well that would be Pōedik, of course!

Apothecary is important because it is all about self-care and an act of self-love. Investing in and using quality self-care products is a way of proving to yourself that you prioritize long-term health & wellness, and simply making yourself feel good. Because you deserve to feel good, right?!

With that said, I'm going to take you through some Apothecary must-haves available here at Pōedik, and talk to some of the features & benefits, so you can feel out what fits best for you and your own self-care routine.


Let's be honest, you owe it to your skin to use the organic stuff but a question that gets so commonly asked is “What is the best organic skincare brand?”

The thing is, there are so many! It all depends on your skin type and what feels right for you, so let’s go through some apothecary skincare choices that we here at Pōedik have tried and tested, and personally think are awesome.


Wildcraft is the most recent skincare choice to join the Pōedik family, and we couldn’t be happier to play Apothecary to this Toronto-based clean beauty brand. Wildcraft commits to offering a completely natural self-care experience that everyone can enjoy.

Every detail is considered since the gorge people who built Wildcraft create all of their products themselves. They know every ingredient that is going into each formulation, and they know everything that you’ll get out of it.

Collection of Wildcraft Skincare products.  All natural, cruelty free and Canadian made, small batch skincare products including cleanser, toner, masks, serums, scrubs and more

Everything through Wildcraft is completely cruelty-free, all-natural (using organic ingredients as much as possible), and affordable (all products are less than $35!)  Choose from their nourish face mask, rejuvenating serums, toners, body scrubs, and more.

Here at Pōedik, you can also purchase one of their deluxe sample kits! Super affordable at $15, the kit allows you to try a variety of their products based on your specific skin type. How fun is that?

To shop Wildcraft and learn more about each product, click here.


When it comes to Apothecary based skin-care, it’s not just about the quality products that you’re putting onto your skin but also how and what you’re using to apply them and/or wash them all off!

I mean, think about it this way; you put some lovely skincare products from Wildcraft onto your face, but then the cloth you use to take it off fails to do you any favors. Not ideal for your optimal self-care routine.

That’s where Freon Collective comes in, sustainable and handmade, Freon Collective creates 100% organic cotton-based products that pair perfectly with your favourite skincare or bath & body products.

A collection of Freon Collective skincare, bath & body accessories. 100% organic cotton scrunchies, reusable facial rounds and wash cloths all handmade in small batches in Toronto.

When it comes to your skincare routine, Freon Collective’s reusable cotton face cloths and cotton rounds are the perfect way to remove your makeup or skincare products.

The best part about Freon Collective’s products is that not only do they allow you that service-to-self sensation, but you’re also making a positive environmental impact as you show yourself that love.

You can also purchase sustainable hair scrunchies from Freon Collective at Pōedik. To shop Freon Collective and read more about their values, click here.


Even though Apothecary dates back to the 1300's, it’s now becoming the NEW Age, with people caring more and more about what is being put into the products they use and how those products are being made, the brand The New New Age embodies all of that flawlessly.

This company grew from big compassion toward the earth’s health, and exists as a medicinal herb farm and nature sanctuary in the Ottawa River Valley.

This is where they grow their healing products through ecological farming practices. Now if that doesn’t say care & quality, then I don’t know what does!

The New New Age Honey and Turmeric Face Mask. All Natural, Simple ingredients from the earth make the best quality, nutrient rich skincare

With The New New Age, you can put full faith in the fact that your skincare products have come straight from the earth, and have been made with complete love and empathy.

When it comes to Apothecary, The New New Age offers a lovely range of wholesome products to try.

A few of our favorites at Pōedik are the Turmeric Honey Facial Mask, Cosmetic Clay, and their oh-so-good Skin Food.

To learn more about The New New Age and shop their amazing products, click here.


Nothing says true Apothecary like allowing yourself to indulge in the blissfulness of bath time, surrounded by beautiful, quality products.

Bath and body rituals are so important because they're a way of destressing and unwinding from the busy day-to-day things that life calls for. The calmness it brings affects how you approach the days to come and you owe that to yourself.

A you that takes care of you is a happier you all around.

So, now let’s get into some super special bath and body products sold here at Pōedik!


Created by 3 beautiful sisters, Sisters is a brand that offers a line of non-toxic, all-natural and microbiome-friendly hair and body products packaged in 100% recycled post-consumer bottles. Oh, and they happen to smell absolutely heavenly too.

And it doesn't stop there!

The products created at Sisters don’t just offer wonderful women a wonderful shower experience, but they give back to women as well with 40% of all profits being donated to organizations supporting and protecting women’s health. Talk about a purchase that feels amazing in every way.

Sisters Hair and Body products collection is all natural, cruelty free and made in small batches by 3 sisters.

If shopping their shampoo, conditioner, or body wash sounds sweet to you, click here!


Any perfect shower or bath calls for the perfect bar of soap. Seriously, it makes ALL the difference!

Doesn’t a creamy, sustainable bar of soap just sound worth it? Especially when it smells so dang good.

SOAK Bath Co. started at the hands of one woman, who started making soap due to eczema in her early 20's. After tirelessly searching for a product that could help and having no luck, she started making natural soaps at home that brought her a great deal of happiness and relief.

 SOAK Bath Co. collection of creamy, all-natural bar soaps for face and body. handmade in Canada and packaged with plantable seed paper.

What is more honest than using a bath product that the creator adores and uses herself? 

SOAK Bath Co. is more than just soap, they also offer wonderfully scented, all-natural bath bombs available here through Pōedik as well!

The cherry on top of what makes SOAK Bath Co. so splendid is that you can take it past the bath and into the garden. Every label used on a SOAK Bath Co. product is made from biodegradable, plantable seed paper, so you can replant the label and it will grow into wildflowers!

To shop SOAK Bath Co. and read more about their message, click here.


Sometimes the best thing about bath time is how cozy you get to make yourself feel afterward and the White Linen Robe from Linen Tales is perfect for just that! 73% linen and 27% cotton, this robe will have you feeling like you’ve just stepped into a cloud.

The Linen Cotton Bath Robe from Linen Tales is the perfect after bath or Self-Care Sunday wardrobe staple


Home fragrance is key when paying mind to apothecary. There are endless home fragrance products sold on shelves that are full of toxins, which is why choosing a natural home fragrance brand is so important.

There’s no need to fret, because at Pōedik, we’ve got a lovely selection to choose from that we're sure you'll love!

We love P.F. Candles made of natural soy wax and hand-poured in California into amber glass, apothecary-inspired jars, and Vitruvimakers of the life-changing Stone Diffuser and the most wonderful essential oils.

To shop our full Home Fragrance collection click here

P.F. Candle Co. collection of natural soy wax scented candles, hand poured in California into amber glass apothecary inspired jars

Whether natural apothecary is already a part of your life or a new path you’re eager to take, I encourage you to have fun with it, test out different products and brands until you find what brings you the most joy and pleasure in your self-care practice. 

Happy self-caring!




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